Information Security Policy

Updated 01/10/2023


In order to provide a secure operating environment for Tribapay’s business activities, this information security policy establishes an integrated set of procedures that must be consistently enforced across all Tribapay networks and systems. Important assets of Tribapay include customer information, organizational information, supporting IT systems, procedures, and people who produce, store, and retrieve information.

Our competitive edge, cash flow, profitability, legal compliance, and respected company image all depend on the accessibility, integrity, and confidentiality of information.


This Information Security Policy applies to all Tribapay staff, contractors, consultants and any third party with access to Tribapay information assets.


This information security policy gives Tribapay guidelines for controlling information risks as well as security requirements for contracted services and information assets.

Additionally, this policy will serve as a framework for formulating our information security management objectives.

Tribapay is dedicated to controlling information risks and ensuring the safety of all organizational assets. To this end, it will put policies in place through an information security program to guard against data breaches, integrity problems, and disruptions in the availability of its information assets.

Tribapay is committed to the continual improvement of its information security program and will comply with all applicable legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements related to information security in its services and operations.

Users of Tribapay’s information and information assets will comply with this policy and exercise a duty of care in relation to the operation and use of Tribapay’s information and information systems.


If you have any questions or suggestions about our Information Security policy, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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