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The ultimate solution for secure and anonymous money transfer, just as the name implies (Cash in a pin)

create cashpin
create cashpin
create cashpin

Gifting money anonymously?

With cashpin, you can generate a pin for the amount of money you want to send to the recepient. The creator can also lock the cashpin so it will be inaccessible to a third party umtil the recepient wants to redeem it.

Anonymous transactions
Experience the power of privacy with Cashpin. Send and receive money discreetly, ensuring your transactions are confidential.
Cashpin offers unparalleled flexibility. Generate multiple unique 25-digit tokens to send money to multiple recipients simultaneously.
Trust is our priority. Cashpin employs cutting-edge cryptographic encryption, safeguarding your funds and sensitive data.
Available Everywhere
Wherever you are, Cashpin is ready to serve you. Our feature is available around the clock, allowing you to send and receive money at your convenience
Ease Of Use
Say goodbye to the hassle of sharing bank account numbers. Cashpin streamlines the process by converting money into a simple 25-digit token.
Seamlessly send money to your friends, family, or anyone else with Cashpin's unparalleled convenience. No more waiting in line or dealing with complex processes.
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